Disregard what you do, if you are not feeling well

As a human being, you are always inclined to do something, being restless, running from A to B, living in action.


However, it is also important to recognize that when your action produces unpleasant feelings that it will also bring about negative results.
Emotions convey more than a thousand words, but you have to pay attention to them.

People continue to do something the whole time: if not mentally, then actively.

The Society also likes to see a someone working a lot and earning something (and not someone who does little and gains good results).
But those who strive hard and analyze and discard everything a hundred times from all sides are the least likely to catch up with those who know what they want and go step by step.
The second group is often more relaxed and knows that it arrives where it wants.
The first group wants to force something and makes an effort.


This scheme applies to all areas of life.
For example cleaning. If you do it in a more relaxed way, then the apartment will get cleaner, in all corners. And it will last clean longer.
However, if you do it fast because you do not feel like it, then it will not be so beautiful in the end.


What do I want to say with that? You can be successful everywhere. In your profession, as a parent, while cleaning, shopping and co, your feelings are always decisive as far as results are concerned.

There is something in every area that you do not like from the start, which is ok. Then you should do this work when you are feeling well because it only then will go smoothly.
And then some things make an enthusiast out of you. Everything is more successful.

It is always the feelings that show the result.

It is always the feelings that show the result.

It is always the feeling that you manifest in reality.

Perhaps you wanted to have a cleaning woman, which keeps everything well and clean. But because there is none, you have to do everything yourself and clean and clean and clean. All the time. Maybe even more. And then also with bad feelings and thoughts.
With that, you do not only the cleaning woman but even the opposite and attract even more dirt.


The feelings that appear always say "you just attract something!"
If you do not pay attention to your feelings, they will go in the direction in which they are just being felt and will be intensified.

So if you want to have a cleaner, you should stop IMMEDIATELY when you feel bad and first clarify your thoughts.
Then, you should begin to look for thoughts which have a positive effect on the feeling and in this case also evoke the pleasure to brush up. If this is done, the inner certainty will establish itself that the cleaner will come. And with this anticipation, you can continue scrubbing and will soon find that someone will be able to help you out in the household.

The feelings that appear always say "you just attract something!"

Each time you approach something with bad feelings, you will get the corresponding results which will keep your goal in the far distance.
But if you approach something with ease and certainty, it will be settled.

Thoughts always arouse a feeling.
Either they are one are with our personality (love/joy/peace) and kindle good feelings, which attracts good events.
Or the thoughts are not one with our personality (hate/envy/compulsion/criticism), then unfavorable emotions arise, which brings about bad things.

Nobody tells you, you have to do that now!
Nobody! Only you give this order to you!
So stop and focus on what you want.

What you want to live.

And create good thoughts and feelings. And see how everything in your world is arranged for you.

Love, Nathalie

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