Conversations with the angels – find peace

Angels always surround us. They are there when they are needed. And they are close when someone is unhappy.


Everyone has the gift to feel angels.


Conversations with the angels are wonderful to feel them, to know and see their effect in your life.

Everyone sometimes has a difficult time in their life. It might be because of money problems, unsatisfactory work, mobbing, no partnership, illness, grief, unpleasant flat, etc.


Angels always understand human beings. And they want to help in peace and love to reproduce the harmony.

But it is necessary to start talking to them.


To talk to angels seems too silly for the most because they do not believe and trust, that this can change something in their lives.

But the conversation with the angels brings more than you can guess.


It is necessary to start with any theme, because of our free will the angels would never interfere.

You should be ready to take the help.

You should be ready for the love.

First step: Start a conversation


The thoughts and feelings hold someone back in the problem because there is stress.


Then the easiest way is to start a conversation.

You might say everything. The problem, why it couldn’t be changed easily and what is the main desire.

Then the conversation shall be ended by a thank you.


Between the conversations, the most can feel relief. It feels like the return of peace.

And besides, the problem improves or disappears.


The angels want to help everyone because they want the peace on earth. And because of this, there isn’t a problem, which is too small.

Angels hear you. Angels want you to help.

I talk gladly to the angels. Neither the theme, which burdens me but also about my day, my projects and all that I want to reach.

And in my talk, I ask for guidance and inspiration. And the answer is sometimes so fast, that my inner guidance wants to realize it, faster than myself (laugh).

But every time I can feel peace in me when I have had a conservation with heaven. I can feel the angels nearby and I know they help and guide me.


However, I reached all I want and was there, where I supposed to be.

Naturally, you shouldn’t hinder the angels by their work with your negativity and be clearer. So the angels can help. They even help if you are sleeping.


Therefore, know there is someone to help you every time.


So be open for the peace of the angels.


Love, Nathalie

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