Mother Meera – Receive Darshan

Mother Meera is an Avatar, and her mission is to bring the light of God to the humans.

She sends the Darshan (Blessing) in her sessions.

She looks into the human eyes and changes the energetic structure. If it is in the human beings plan, then Mother Meera resolves energetic entanglements and the person feels better.


Mother Meera sends the collective Darshan in a collective meditation.

At that time the humans can feel a prickle and heat up their hands and foot. 


After the Darshan, the people always see a change in their life.

Last week I was at the Darshan again.

I go once or twice within a year to the Darshan of Mother Meera during her visits in Berlin.


Every time I have a request, which I tell her in my mediation.


This time we received a collective Darshan. I was so happy to sit in the front because I like to feel and to see the energies.


My request was to find and feel more peace in myself and my life. I have discovered, that sometimes certain situations irritate my inner peace.


However, I didn’t feel much this session.  The last times I had positive feelings and a little bit raising several emotions.

But these time nothing. I saw her in a vision, where she came and looked at me. 


After one hour the Darshan was ended.


I had forgotten about the story because there wasn’t anything interesting this time.

But a few days later while we were driving to a birthday old emotions and themes came back to my mind.

I thought I had released this, but now I feel it again. Just fewer than then.

I had inner shrug, when some person, who I had conflicts before, passed me.  I hadn’t seen them, but I felt a discomfort in me.

The next days I also had a conversation with my partner, and I told him about my feelings and things I do not like.


And then I saw what Mother Meera had done. She showed me that I have to release the past, but I became a strong feeler.

I absorb the energy from other people and cannot tell apart which energy that is, my or even from the other.

And naturally, I have to learn to express myself to everyone.


Mother Meera has heard my request and shown me what disturb my peace.


And I am so glad, that I have released the past quite well and go forward. This is a plus in my life.

I love Mother Meera. She had helped me often, and I believe, that with her intervention I can grow more.


We all have a negative part of us. But truly, we all are wonderful divine sparks.

Sometimes we have to overcome negativities to know what we want.


So I experienced negativity.

And I like not all of it. But in the final result, we can see with this negativity, that we have attracted it or it is in the soul plan and shows us, that we shall move.


Because of this find a master, spiritual teacher, friends and recognize the treasure that they give you.


In love, Nathalie

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