Calm is the time for the soul – Think about your breaks

In this time we are living in a very hectic time.

There is so much to do that we cannot enjoy our lives.

A good life means to stress down.

A new day has come. You wake up and go to work.

Then you come back home and do homework and think about the next day. If you are lucky, so you can eat something and don’t worry about anything.

Then there are habits. For example, to bring the Kids to school and to pick them up, bring the Kids to sports, medical appointments, telephone working and so one.

Then there are friends and family to contact, to do sport, to eat healthily and maybe hobbies.


Do you know that?


It is so stressful.

But most of the people live this way.

Work without fun!

Work without fun is stress!

The soul does not want work so hard the whole time.

The soul wants to create. And the most of the creation is mind work.

How you manage your life, the highest mind show with the emotions.


When you are in harmony with your highest mind, then you are feeling good.

When you aren’t in harmony with your soul, then you are feeling bad.


It is not good to be so often in stress.


Stress brings bad feelings, stress brings illnesses, stress brings burn out, and stress brings unpleasant relationships (and more).


In a spiritual view, stress brings unhappy feelings. And unhappy feelings attract more of it and more of it and more of it and more of it and more of it


And because of this, you cannot hear well the voice of the angels. Love is a line of heaven and stress interrupts it.

When you are in harmony with your highest mind, then you are feeling good.

It is very important to have a break.


You can go to sleep, meditate, drink some tea, walk in nature, paint, make music, do handicraft

These are all workings where the mind gets a pause.


Get the mind a pause, so stop the thoughts. Stop the thoughts, so that the vibration gets normally. Get the vibration normally, so that the negative Attraktion stops.


So easy!


Have often a break. Look in your inner life, when you want to transform your life experiences. Cause the outside reflects your inside.


The soul, the body, and the mind will be very thankful when you find time only for you.

Because of this, live the magic of the rest and change your vibrational outcome.


To be spiritual means to know about your vibration and to look how it works for yourself.




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