Going with the flow – The path of the heart

Going with the flow is the wisdom of life. Most of the human beings do not know what it really means. But I think the flow is always the way of the heart because all challenges lead to a solution in the heart in the end.
That means love heals everything.

Going with the flow shows the way of life.
It never implies to fight. The way of living life lies in love. It is a heart way.
Often this realize the people, who once have suffered.

There was once joy. The life was wonderful and full of love. But then a new story began, which wasn’t so good.
This human being fell in the contrast of love, which means in anger,hate and sadness.
Contrast is not a bad thing which I tell often. We need the contrast to realize what love is. If we lived in love the whole time we would never recognize what love means.
However, contrast is a good and important experience!

But now back to the story.
If we fell off the throne so that a new story starts, which wants us to search the meaning of the fall.
And those, who are searching, will find the truth.
And those, who do not search will play the game of grief again and again.

Going with the flow shows the way of life.

Going with the flow is the way of the heart which find those, who want to find it out.
If you find the way, the heart begins to open again.
It's like a flower rises up in your heart.

There is always a flow in life. It is the positive attraction point of everyone.
Either we go with the flow and enjoy the fulfilment of our dreams or we swim against the flow and live a stressful life.

When we begin the search, the universe begins to open the doors to us. Then we find all answers and find out that we come out of love that we are love and the sense of our life is to be love.
And naturally to create with love.
We are not here to fight it is working wonderfully without it.

We are not here to fight it is working wonderfully without it.

But when do we know that we are in the flow?
Many people say:
>I think good and do so but there is nothing good in my life…<
But we have to understand that we are vibration beings, which means that the point is in the feeling when we have a thought.
If you do not feel good  about something, then it can never bring positive things in our life.
It is so easy.
Think well and feel so. That is the key.
Do you have a good thought but a negative feeling you have to know that the feeling always wins.
You must be thinking purely about the subject. Being purely means you must love it.

The best way to go with the flow is to listen to your heart. There is the throne of the soul. And it is the place, where all feelings come out. And because of this it is the place, where all the power lies.

Go with the flow means only to love more. Love the life in all aspects and the love will come back in different ways and bigger impact.
We have to be conscious of our feelings and when we do so then the live begins to change.

If we are in the flow we have to recognize it, because the life is wonderful there. Our heart will love more than ever.

This is the knowledge of life!
In the flow we will find everything we want. Because of this, go with the flow and listen to your heart.


Light and Love,

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