Weekly Oracle

Now we are close to Christmas.
Because of this, I wish all of you love and a helpful oracle.

Archangel Oracle Cards

Doreen Virtue

Theme of the week

Crystal-Clear intentions and Archangel Michael

Today, there are two cards from Archangel Michael. One of these cards has fallen out and confirms the card, which I have drawn out.
We should absolutely know what we want.
The manifestation will be delayed by worry and unknowingness.
We shall ask and trust, because when we ask, it is given.
Our dreams will come true when we trust and follow the guidance.

The message from Archangel Michael is:
The next step you have to go will clearly appear in your head. Follow always the recurrent thoughts.

Follow always the recurrent thoughts.

Dear God and Archangel Michael! Thank you for the trust, the faith, and the courage, so that all dreams can come true. Thank you for the guidance that you give us.

My dear friends, I wish all of you love blessings and a clear guidance!



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