Affirmations – Basics of manifestations

Affirmations are frequently thinking thoughts.

Frequent of thoughts forming the reality.

Also, it can be said that the human being often creates his reality by thinking.

We are thinking beings.

Sometimes we don’t notice it. But we are always thinking.

Thinking is our creating force. We create positive or negative things. It depends on the quality of our thoughts.


Do we think a sentence often then it feels like it is true, and it becomes a reality.

So if we think in important situations thoughts like:

  • I can’t do this.
  • I don’t like this.
  • I am good at this.
  • I will do it.

And so on.

The reality will form faster because it always coupled with emotion.

If an affirmation is anchored, then it is a belief.

If an affirmation is anchored, then it is a belief.

A belief is often thought, and then it is a reality.


We all know a person who always says:

  • I can’t dance.

Because of this saying this person will never go to a dance and will not achieve dancing situations.

A thought became a reality!

The affirmations and beliefs form in the end the life of all of us.


In time we evolve a consciousness of

richness or poorness.

Health or illness.

Joy or grief.

Good relationships or bad relationships.

And so on.


Of course, optimistic and pessimistic people differ.

But we all have to know to be an optimistic person is work, too.

An optimistic person never says a few minutes positive affirmations and is then negative.

Positive thinking should be a lifestyle.

Find positive affirmations.

Think often positive affirmations.

Think it when you drive your car.

Think it when you have to wait.

And think it naturally when negative thoughts come into your mind.


In time you will love to think well.

You should strive for it because a good life wants a positive attitude.



Light and Love,


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