Weekly Oracle

Oh oh. Christmas is near. And because of this, I have decided to use the Jesus Oracle Cards from Doreen Virtue.
And naturally, we also get an important message.

Loving words from Jesus

Doreen Virtue

Theme of the week

Forgive, and you shall be forgiven

A very suitable theme for this Christmas time, I think.
We forgive every day. Sometimes someone does not say hello to us or maybe jostles us. That is mostly ok because we do not know this person and he doesn’t hurt us.
But there are people in the family, in friendships or maybe we ourselves have done something that hurts so much that we cannot forgive it.
We never understand why people do something. But we can understand that all happenings in our life, we attract by our energy.
And when we don’t release this energy, we attract more of it.

Life is always like a mirror and shows us how energy flows. So when you don’t forgive other people it means you do not forgive yourself. And in time our heart hardens.

However, we shall release bitterness because it only damages our self.

The message from Jesus is:
Get open for the love, because it is the only important thing.

Get open for the love, because it is the only important thing.

Dear God, Jesus, and lovely angels!
Thank you for softening our hearts so that we can live in love.
Thank you for the peace in everyone including me.

My dear friends, I wish all of you a wonderful Christmas!


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