Manifestations – Why do your dreams not come true?

There are many ways to find a solution.

But what manifestations causes is only one solution.
You have to look after your vibration.

Do you know that?
You have a wonderful desire and it doesn’t manifest. There aren’t any signs that it does.
Then you throw your desire away and you are frustrated.

What happened?
From my experience, desire to want it right now, because I need it, never brings about the manifestation.
In this case, there is not trust in the process.
That means, if you want to manifest you have to trust, you must let it go and you should be in a good vibration.


The reality always follows the vibration.
If you want your dreams come true you have to be in a good mood every day.
It should be the highest priority in the life of everyone.

The reality always follows the vibration.

I find the best solution is to let go the desire and work on a positive attitude.
You must do something that brings you in a good mood every time and everywhere.

And trust me if you do that, then you will see, that beautiful things will come into your life.
Life will go better and easier, surprises here and surprises there. Nice people and situations will cross your way.
And once, when you do not expect it your desires are manifested.

The key is the mood.

But you shall look after your mood every day. Because your vibration decides what come into your life.

Because of this, you should have only one target and it is:
Be always in a good mood.

So start the weekend pleased and be lucky everywhere you are.

Light and Love,

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