The higher self - The connection to the soul

Everyone has heard about a higher self.

The higher self is the higher awareness of every person.

The higher self is our ego-less self.

Every human has a soul. But not everyone understands that it is important to be in connection with the soul.

The higher self is a part of our soul, which stays in the higher space when a part of the soul incarnates in a human body.

Knowing about the right way is just only one task of one part of the soul while the other part guides from higher space.

Because of this we always can connect to our soul and get the answers to our questions.

However, the connection to the soul is always there. We can feel it.

The soul’s guidance is feelings.


That means if you feel bad the soul wants you to know:

>Don’t do this or don’t think this<

>You are on the wrong way<

>Your soul would be lovelier about this<


And when you feel good the soul tells you:

>You are on the right way<

>Your action and thinking get you to your desire<

>You are in harmony with your soul and your purpose<


The signals from the soul are easy to understand. You have just been aware of it.

The soul’s guidance is feelings.

The higher self also knows about the law of attraction. And because of this, it is important to understand, that positive brings more positive stuff, and negative brings more negative stuff.


Shortly, if you are aware of your feelings you are a connection with your soul, and that means you are in the right flow with the law of attraction.


But how we can be connected with the soul?

We are never disconnected, we never would be disconnected. But we can strangulate the contact when we don’t note our feelings.

But this isn’t bad because we can reconnect.


Some approaches would be:

1. Meditation

When we meditate, we learn to separate the ego thoughts from the soul messages. And also we learn to be aware of our feelings.


2. Attentiveness

It causes to be aware of the inner being and doing the best to feel good.


And when there is more of the routine we will understand the speech of the soul and can get more positive results in life.

It is a gain to be in connection with the soul because your soul always wants the best for you.

The soul just wants good thoughts – and it feels good to be in connection with the true positive life and the law of attraction.


Learn to be attentive and look after your feelings, and then you will be in paradise in time.



Light and Love,






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