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Theme of the week

Go outside

We spend too much time in rooms.
The air outside has many advantages. We learn to relax by breathing the air and we learn also to get into the trust with the universe.
The oxygen transports the messages from the angels to us. Because of this, when we more breathe, we get inspired.
However, the important thing by going outside is breathing away the stress.
The angels want us to go out, because we connect to our inside goddess.


The message from the angels is:
>Be aware of your breathe and let go all worries and stress.<

Be aware of your breathe and let go all worries and stress.

Dear God!
Thank you that we all can breathe health, joy and love by breathing the fresh air outside.
Thank you that the breathing teaches us to be in peace, in joy with the life so we can stay in connection with you.


My dear friends, go outside and get in connection with nature, which means also to be in connection with the own inner light.
By this, go out and feel your soul.





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