Does life really have a meaning?

Many of people begin to search the meaning of life when their life goes a chaotic way.
But is there really a meaning in this life?
Is there a big mission for everyone?

Of course, I have often asked myself what the meaning of the life is.
What is the reason that we are all here on this planet?
I also asked the angels, too.

Is it because of the Karma rules?
Have we to release fault?
Or maybe has the soul a desire to improve the world?
What is the reason of an incarnation?

I think these are interesting questions.
And each time I get the conclusion that the only reason is joy.

The joy to manifestdesires.
The joy to be in connection with the energetic world.
The joy to drink and to eat.
The joy to be active.
The joy to feel.
The joy to learn interesting things like lucid dreaming, out-of-body experiences, clairvoyance, to be a medium and so on.

... the only reason is joy.

There is might be Karma, but I think it is just a feeling, which wants to be released. And I have the truth inside me that the only reason here is to be in happiness.
I mean the wisdom:
>Follow your heart.<
Is the only truth.
The angels told me this so often. The Heart wants to love, wants to be in joy and not to hurt someone.
But it wants also to forgive, when a mistake has been made.
We live in a contrast world and it is easy to look in the wrong way.

But we have the choice to say:
>Yes it was bad. But now I will do it better<

I think when there is a mission for everyone it will be shown in time.
And no one said that it would be a big mission. It could be something like clean up the room and be happy about it.

In my opinion everyone gives his life the meaning in the way he lives.

Because of this, be happy and always follow your heart. And you will see that your life gets a sense.


Light and Love,

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