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19. Januar 2018
Many of people begin to search the meaning of life when their life goes a chaotic way. But is there really a meaning in this life? Is there a big mission for everyone?
12. Januar 2018
Everyone has heard about a higher self. The higher self is the higher awareness of every person. The higher self is our ego-less self.
19. Dezember 2017
Affirmations are frequently thinking thoughts. Frequent of thoughts forming the reality. Also, it can be said that the human being often creates his reality by thinking.
06. Dezember 2017
Going with the flow is the wisdom of life. Most of the human beings do not know what it really means. But I think the flow is always the way of the heart because all challenges lead to a solution in the heart in the end. That means love heals everything.
29. November 2017
The most of us talk too much about problems with friends and family. But this isn’t a good option because the problem grows and the affected one will suffer about it more in time. But there is someone, who listens and helps with love. It is God.
21. November 2017
There is one power, which moves everything. There is one power, which can change everything. The soul is born out of only one essence. Love!
01. November 2017
Angels always surround us. They are there when they are needed. And they are close when someone is unhappy. Everyone has the gift to feel angels. Conversations with the angels are wonderful to feel them, to know and see their effect in your life.